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MLB Pipeline Mock Draft has Rangers going college bat

Jonathan Mayo’s latest mock draft has the Rangers going the college hitter route at #3

2019 Major League Baseball Archive: PDP League Media Day Photo by Mike Carlson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Jonathan Mayo with MLB Pipeline dropped his latest mock draft last night, and he says this is the final mock that MLB Pipeline will have out before their final version on Sunday.

Mayo has Druw Jones going to the Baltimore Orioles at #1, with Jackson Holliday going to the Arizona Diamondbacks at #2.

With the Rangers at #3, Mayo says that they would go Jones or Holliday if either was there, but with those two gone, the Rangers would take one of Kevin Parada, Brooks Lee and Elijah Green, with Mayo opting for Parada to Texas in this mock.

The three players offer an interesting variety of options, as Parada is a catcher with power who may have to move off the position but whose bat would play if he did, Lee is a switch-hitting shortstop with terrific bat-to-ball skills who will likely end up somewhere else on the infield but who has a high floor and is expected to move quickly, and Green is a prep outfielder who has what Mayo describes as a “ridiculous ceiling.”

Mayo says that “there is a pretty good sense of who the industry thinks the first seven players taken will be,” that being the five listed above, along with Termarr Johnson and Cam Collier. The order those guys go off the board appears to be very much in flux, though.