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Minor league update for 7/15/22

There were minor league games

Osnabrück Zoo - Black-tailed prairie dog Photo by Friso Gentsch/picture alliance via Getty Images

Josh Stephan started for Down East and went five innings, striking out six, walking two and allowing two runs on a pair of solo home runs. Feliciano Serrano allowed a run in three innings of work. Bubba Hoopii-Tuionetoa struck out one in an inning of work.

Maximo Acosta had a pair of doubles. Daniel Mateo had a hit. Junior Paniagua had a hit and a walk.

Down East box score

Hickory lost 18-11, so let’s skip the pitching.

Evan Carter was four for five with a double and a pair of home runs. Aaron Zavala had a double, a homer and a walk. Cody Freeman had a pair of homers and a walk. Thomas Saggese had a single, a walk and a double. Trevor Hauver had a homer and a walk. Chris Seise had a double.

Hickory box score

Fernery Ozuna threw two scoreless innings. Blaine Crim was two for five with a homer. Jonathan Ornelas singled, homered and drew two walks.

Frisco box score

Cole Ragans went six innings, allowing three runs on four hits with no walks and six strikeouts. Chase Lee allowed a pair of runs in an inning of work. Spencer Patton allowed two runs in 1.1 IP.

Bubba Thompson was two for five with a double. Steele Walker homered and walk. Ezequiel Duran was three for five with a double. Nick Solak was three for five with two doubles. Andy Ibanez was two for four with a double.

Round Rock box score

Brayan Mendoza started for the Surprise Squad and allowed one run, on a solo home run, in three innings, walking one and striking out two. Danyer Cueva was two for three with a homer. Yeison Morrobel was two for four. Keithron Moss was two for three with a double. Gleider Figuereo had a single and a walk.

ACL Rangers box score