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New Law mock draft has Rangers going prep bat

Keith Law’s latest mock draft has the Rangers going with a high ceiling bat

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Texas Rangers v. New York Yankees Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

2022 MLB Draft: Keith Law has a new mock draft out this morning, and he has the Texas Rangers taking Florida prep outfielder Elijah Green with the #3 overall pick.

Part of what makes projecting this draft difficult is that Baltimore has the #1 overall pick, and Mike Elias has a history of both playing things extremely close to the vest in regards to the choice, both with Baltimore and when he was with Houston, and for going with a below slot guy. Law says Arizona will take Jones or Holliday if one of them is there, as will Texas, but whether one of them gets to Texas depends on whether the Orioles decide to go with one of those guys, or go below slot for someone like Termarr Johnson or Cam Collier, or one of the college bats.

Law has the three prep hitters as being the guys Texas is picking from, and that may well be the case, although several other prognosticators see Kevin Parada potentially being the choice instead of Green if Jones and Holliday are off the board. The consensus, though, seems to be the pick will be either Green or Parada if Jones and Holliday go in the first two picks, and the Rangers would be in good shape either way.