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41-49 - Rangers limp into All-Star break with 6-2 loss to Mariners

Seattle mops the floor with Texas

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers scored twice but the Seattle Mariners scored six runs.

I would have preferred that the Rangers win today because I like the Rangers and want them to succeed but I am also glad that, since a win wasn’t in the cards today, they didn’t score exactly as many runs as it required for the game to go to extra innings only for them to then lose by a run for the assumedly 78th time this season.

A blowout loss was almost peaceful.

Not particularly peaceful is the fact that they were swept in this four game series and are now as bad off at eight games under .500 as they have been all season as we mercifully reach the All-Star break.

Player of the Game: Marcus Semien homered and reached three times.

Up Next: Have a good summer because the Rangers will have to continue playing seventy or more of these things starting on Thursday.