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MLB Draft Day Two open thread

Talk about Day Two of the MLB Draft

2022 MLB Draft Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Day Two of the 2022 MLB Draft kicks off at 1:00 p.m. Central today with the third round. The Rangers, of course, do not have a pick in round three, but will be picking in every round after that.

Rounds three through ten will be today, and then tomorrow will be the eleventh through twentieth rounds.

The slot value for each of the Rangers’ picks are as follows:

4th round — $560,000

5th round — $418,200

6th round — $314,200

7th round — $244,800

8th round — $194,100

9th round — $166,600

10th round — $155,200

After the 10th round, there are no slot values, and players selected from the 11th round onward can be signed to a bonus of up to $125,000 without impacting a team’s bonus pool, as can undrafted free agents. Any amounts over $125,000 for a player apply against the team’s bonus pool.

Teams frequently will take “signability” guys with some of their picks after the fifth round or so — guys they know will sign for well below slot. Since you lose your slot money if you take a player and don’t sign him, teams will take someone in, say, the 8th round, sign him for $10,000, and then bank the remaining (in the Rangers case) $184,100 to apply towards over slot signings. Chase Lee, Bradford Webb, Liam Hicks and C.J. Widger were the Rangers’ 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th round picks in 2021, and all signed for well below slot.

This thread will be for discussing day two of the draft. I will be doing a post that has the Rangers’ selections today once they make their selection in the fourth round, and will update that as the picks roll in.