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Rangers Day Two draft picks

The Rangers selections for rounds four through ten in the 2022 MLB Draft

2022 MLB Draft Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

This will be our running list of the selections the Texas Rangers make in day two of the draft, which will be for rounds four through ten.

Round Four — Brock Porter, RHP, St. Mary’s Prep, Orchard Lake, Michigan

Porter, 19, was the highest ranked player on the various boards who did not get selected in Day One. Generally ranked in the teens among the various draft rankings, Porter dropped all the way to Texas in the fourth round due to bonus demands. Porter’s asking price is such that it will likely take all of the savings from the Kumar Rocker underslot deal, and then some, to sign Porter, but if an agreement wasn’t in place, the Rangers wouldn’t be picking Porter here.

Porter is listed at 6’3”, 188 lbs., throws hard, has a great changeup, and has a couple of breaking balls, though the breaking pitches trail his fastball and changeup. He’s got the athleticism and projection that teams like in high school pitchers, and needs to improve his command, but he’s considered a first round caliber player.

(Update — Per Levi Weaver, Porter is expected to sign for $3.7M)

Round Five — Chandler Pollard, OF, Woodward Academy (GA)

Pollard is one of the younger players in this draft class, having just turned 18 in May. He’s ranked just outside of the top 100 in both the Baseball America and MLB Pipeline Rankings. He’s someone who is more of a throwback to the guys we were used to seeing the Rangers select 5-10 years ago — fast, athletic, questions about how much he will hit. He played shortstop in high school, but was announced as an outfielder when the Rangers drafted him, and he’s got the tool set to stick in center field.

Round Six — Tommy Specht, OF, Wahlert High School (IA)

Lefthanding hitting high school outfielder with good all around tools but no real loud carrying tool. Probably ends up in a corner outfield spot. Ranked #229 on the BA board.

Round Seven — Luis Ramirez, RHP, Long Beach State

Righthanded pitcher who has good stuff and command but also has had health and durability issues. Was shut down in April due to a shoulder injury. Ranked #118 on the BA board, but presumably fell due to injury concerns.

Round Eight — Matt Brosky, P, Youngstown State

Righthanded pitcher who turns 23 in September. Got lit up at Ohio University in 2019 and at Youngstown State in 2021, putting up a 10+ ERA in very limited innings both seasons, but then put up a 2.65 ERA in 98 innings this year (albeit with almost as many unearned runs allowed as earned runs). Presumably a way-under-slot senior sign.

Round Nine — Griffin Cheney, SS, Georgia State

23 year old righthanded hitting shortstop. Slashed .350/.445/.640 while playing shortstop and third base this year. Another guy who is a senior sign, as he was a fifth year senior in 2022.

Round Ten — Josh Hatcher, OF, Kennesaw State

Center fielder who turns 24 in September. Spent four years at Mississippi State, and after putting up a 529 OPS for the Bulldogs in 2021, he transferred to Kennesaw State for his COVID fifth year of eligibility, and put up an 1119 OPS. Another senior sign.