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Thoughts on a 7-3 Rangers win

Rangers 7, Mets 3

Texas Rangers v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Rangers 7, Mets 3

  • That was not a one run loss.
  • It says something about the year Martin Perez is having when a 6.2 IP, 3 run performance feels like a down outing.
  • Perez got in a hole immediately, getting down 2-0 after two batters, which is not ideal. Perez followed that up with a walk to Francisco Lindor, and after J.D. Davis smoked a single, it looked like Perez was in danger of having a disaster outing.
  • But no. Perez got out of the inning, and allowed just four hits and a walk the rest of the way. Now, one of those hits was an Eduardo Escobar home run, but still, damage was limited.
  • Dennis Santana and Joe Barlow finished things out. There was little drama there.
  • The Rangers had ten hits on the day. Four of them were home runs. In general, I’m going to say that, when the Rangers hit four home runs, they are going to win.
  • Kole Calhoun homered. Twice, even. Jonah Heim homered. Leody Taveras even homered, and he didn’t even start.
  • Josh Smith got on base three more times. I am confused by him. Surely at some point he will cool down, I keep thinking.
  • This is one of those games that makes you think, gee, maybe the Rangers can be a contender this year. Maybe they can get hot and be battling for the second or third Wild Card spot. Maybe they won’t spent all season bobbing around under the .500 mark.
  • Martin Perez touched 95.3 mph with his sinker. Dennis Santana’s sinker topped out at 97.7 mph. Joe Barlow reached 97.0 mph with his fastball.
  • Bats were booming today, as there were 20 balls in play with exit velocities of at least 100 mph, ten by each side. Adolis Garcia had a double that was 109.8 mph off the bat, as well as a 107.4 mph lineout. Jonah Heim had a 104.9 mph single and a 100.1 mph home run. Kole Calhoun’s home runs were 104.4 mph and 99.4 mph. Mitch Garver had a 104.8 mph double. Marcus Semien had outs with exit velocities of 102.9 mph and 100.2 mph. Corey a Seager had a 104.y mph out. Leody Taveras’s home run was 101.1 mph.
  • Rubber game tomorrow, then on to Baltimore for an Independence Day day game.