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Minor league update for 7/5/22

At least we’ve got the minors

Low water of the Oder Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

Cody Bradford has been up and down for Frisco this season, and this latest start was definitely on the positive side, as he went six shutout innings, striking out three and not walking anyone.

Dustin Harris doubled. Justin Foscue was three for five.

Frisco box score

Remember James Jones? The outfielder turned relief pitcher? He’s still hanging around, and started for the Surprise Squad on a rehab assignment, striking out one in a scoreless inning. Ivan Oviedo threw three scoreless innings, striking out four. Kelvin Gonzalez struck out one in a scoreless inning. Evan Elliott struck out two and walked one in 1.1 IP.

Rehabbing Miguel Aparicio doubled. Danyer Cueva picked up two more hits, and has a 1028 OPS on the year currently. Yeison Morrobel had a single and a double. Jojo Blackmon had a hit.

ACL Rangers box score