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Minor league update for 8/13/22

Josh Jung homered again

Frasassi Caves In Ancona Italy photo by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images Images

Josh Gessner started for the Wood Ducks and went three innings, allowing a run on a solo home run, striking out one and walking three. Adrian Rodriguez struck out two in two scoreless innings. Kai Wynyard allowed a run on a solo homer in two innings, striking out three. Nick Lockhart struck out one in an scoreless inning.

Ian Moller had a single, a double and a stolen base. Maximo Acosta and Daniel Mateo each had a single and a stolen base. Cam Cauley had a walk and a stolen base.

Down East box score

Ricky Vanasco started for Hickory and threw five shutout innings, allowing one hit while striking out six and walking four. Michael Brewer allowed three runs in an inning of work. Robby Ahlstrom allowed one run in two innings of work, striking out three.

Trevor Hauver homered. Alejandro Osuna and Thomas Saggese each had had a pair of hits.

Hickory box score

Zak Kent started for Frisco, going five innings, allowing three runs and striking out seven. Avery Weems threw four innings, striking out four and walking one while allowing a pair of runs.

Justin Foscue had a double and a walk. David Garcia had a single and a walk. Luisangela Acuna had a hit and a stolen base. Jonathan Ornelas had a hit.

Frisco box score

Round Rock starter Dallas Keuchel went six innings, allowing a pair of runs while walking four and striking out six. Chase Lee threw 0.2 scoreless innings. Daniel Robert allowed five runs in 0.1 IP.

Josh Jung was two for four with a double and a homer. Andy Ibanez homered.

Round Rock box score

Dane Acker started for the Surprise Squad, allowing a pair of runs in four innings of work, striking out three and walking two. Kyle Cody threw two scoreless innings, striking out four and walking one. D.J. McCarty allowed a run in three innings, walking one and striking out one.

Jojo Blackmon had a hit, a walk and a stolen base. Tucker Mitchell doubled.

ACL Rangers box score