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Thursday Morning Links


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Colorado Rockies v. Texas Rangers Photo by Cooper Neill/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Morning, all!

Tony Beasley has nothing but nice things to say about Jon Daniels, and notes that when people you like get fired it reminds you that everybody is responsible even if not everybody is accountable.

Levi Weaver notes that hiring Chris Young two years ago probably made Jon Daniels’ exit inevitable at some point.

Evan Grant answers some questions about the Jon Daniels firing, and observes that this definitely appears to be a reactionary decision given the alternative to let Daniels leave in dignity after the season.

Like many employees in any other organization when heads start to roll Marcus Semien knows what’s up: “it’s time to start doing things that they (ownership) want us to do.”

Tim Cowlishaw says that the timing was bad but that Daniels needed to go.

The DMN has a roundup of the good times and the bad times we shared with Jon Daniels.

Cole Ragans had a decent outing if you remove any and all of Sean Murphy’s plate appearances.

Josh Jung and Jack Leiter are both continuing their march towards contributing at the major league level.

Leiter had seven strikeouts in four innings of two run ball against Corpus Christi yesterday.