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Perez, Moore not traded, remain Rangers

The Rangers made no trades on Trade Deadline Day, which means Martin Perez and Matt Moore are still Rangers

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers did not make any trades today — the official Trade Deadline Day — and so Martin Perez and Matt Moore, among others, are still Texas Rangers.

The only move the Rangers made was trading Matt Bush, which happened last night.

I thought there was a good chance Perez would be dealt, though as a rental starting pitcher who has had a very good first half of the season but who most teams would probably not feel comfortable with using more than once in a seven game playoff series, given his lack of a track recrod of performing at this level, I thought the potential return in a trade would not be that great. The Rangers apparently believed that whatever was offered for Perez was less valuable than having him in Texas the final two months of the season to provide innings, and whatever progress it provides in an effort to extend Perez beyond this year.

Moore, meanwhile, I expected to be dealt beacuse, well, everyone needs relievers, and Moore is a free agent after the season. Moore has put up a 1.66 ERA in 48 relief innings, with a 2.79 FIP, and while he has had control issues crop up at times, one would think he would still be of interest to playoff contenders. Again, whatever was offered was apparently not enough, but I am surprised that there wasn’t even a third-tier prospect offered that would entice the Rangers to pull the trigger on a deal.