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Gray to the i.l., Sborz, Hearn up

Jon Gray will be out for a while

MLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers placed starter Jon Gray, who left last night’s game early with what was described as left side discomfort, on the injured list with an oblique injury. The Rangers already had a roster spot open due to yesterday’s Matt Bush trade. To fill those two spots, the Rangers have recalled Josh Sborz and Taylor Hearn.

Sborz has been up and down between AAA and the majors all season, pitching well in AAA and not well in the majors. He could just be keeping a roster spot warm until Joe Barlow returns from the injured list.

Hearn, meanwhile, would seem likely to be used in a multi-inning reliever role, something he seemed to be better suited to than a starting role. Of course, the Rangers need a starter with Gray on the injured list, so we will see what Texas does there.

As for Gray, he is said to be expected to miss 4-6 weeks, which would get us into September. He has been very good this year when he’s been on the mound, but a blister, a knee issue, and now an oblique have cost him time.