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54-66 - Rangers snatch rare victory from jaws of usual defeat

Extra innings goes Texas’ way

Texas Rangers v Minnesota Twins Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers scored four runs while the Minnesota Twins scored three runs in extras.

This looked like the perfect blueprint for your average late-innings Rangers loss but Texas added a needed and necessary extra run after plating their zombie runner which was enough in a series where runs have been scarce.

The entire franchise was basically excavated for repeatedly losing games like this one all year so it’s nice to see one of these hit the win column.

Player of the Game: Nathaniel Lowe had himself a four-hit evening.

Up Next: The Rangers and Twins will play an uncommon non-finale early game with RHP Kohei Arihara set to take the mound for Texas against RHP Joe Ryan for Minnesota.

Sunday afternoon’s first pitch from Target Field is scheduled for 1:10 pm CDT.