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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The early bird gets the Silver Boot

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Chicago White Sox v Texas Rangers Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

Good morning.

Levi Weaver’s Weaver Wire tackles the news from an eventful previous week for the Texas Rangers that won’t be remembered for a 2-5 homestand.

Jeff Wilson writes that Spencer Howard and Dallas Keuchel are on the same schedule should the Rangers need to shake up the rotation again.

Someone asked Tim Colishaw to pen his annual Rangers article where he asks when the Rangers are going to overtake the Astros.

Eric Longenhagen believes the Rangers landed the 17th best prospect traded at the deadline when they acquired Antoine Kelly from the Brewers.

D Magazine’s Mike Piellucci is anxious to see Cole Ragans’ second start as the Rangers continue the never ending journey of building a rotation.

And, many condolences to Evan Grant who lost his mother yesterday. Rest in peace.

Have a nice day!