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Minor league update for 8/31/22

Minor leagueiness from the last day of August


Winston Santos started for Down East and went five innings, allowing four runs, allowing a home run and walking two while striking out eight. Damian Mendoza allowed a pair of runs in 2.1 IP. Bubba Hoopii-Tuionetoa struck out three in 1.2 scoreless innings.

Gleider Figuereo had a pair of hits. Danyer Cueva had a hit. Yosy Galan doubled.

Down East box score

Hickory played a pair. In Game One, Robby Ahlstrom got knocked out in the first inning, giving up six runs in 0.1 IP. Larson Kindreich threw two shutout innings, walking three and striking out four. Destin Dotson gave up a pair of runs in 0.2 IP.

Daniel Mateo was two for three with a homer and a walk. Cody Freeman had a hit and a walk.

In Game Two, Josh Stephen went six shutout innings, striking out seven, walking three and allowing just one hit. Angel Aponte homered. Chris Seise had a hit and a walk.

Hickory Game 1 box score

Hickory Game 2 box score

Lots of offense in the Frisco game. Tim Brennan gave up four runs in five innings of work. Marc Church walked two and struck out two while allowing two runs in 0.2 IP.

Aaron Zavala was two for five with a walk and a homer. Blaine Crim was three for six with two homers. Luisangela Acuna was two for six with a homer. Trevor Hauver had two walks and a homer. Justin Foscue was two for four with two walks and a homer. Jonathan Ornelas was three for five with a walk and a stolen base.

Frisco box score

Yerry Rodriguez threw two shutout innings for Round Rock. Kyle Cody threw two shutout innings. Ryder Ryan gave up five runs in an inning of work. Chase Lee threw a shutout inning. John King allowed a run in 1.2 IP. Daniel Robert retired the one batter he faced. Nick Snyder struck out three in a scoreless inning.

Josh Smith was one for three with two walks. Nick Solak had a pair of doubles and a walk. Josh Jung was two for five.

Round Rock box score