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Down East Wood Ducks hitters stats for 2022

The numbers for the hitters for Down East this year

Weather in Lower Saxony Photo by Moritz Frankenberg/picture alliance via Getty Images

With the season over for the A ball leagues, we are looking this week at the final numbers for those clubs, starting today with the hitters for the Down East Wood Ducks.

It was not a real good offensive season for the Wood Ducks, who put up a 666 team OPS, the second lowest in the Carolina League, and well below the 704 OPS the league as a whole put up. They did steal a ton of bases, though:

Alejandro Osuna had a nice year at the plate for the Ducks, and ended up finishing the year with Hickory, as did Daniel Mateo.

2021 draftees Ian Moller and Cam Cauley were challenged with a full season assignment, and each scuffled some at the plate, though Moller finished well, slashing .265/.405/.456 from August 1 through the end of the season.

Maximo Acosta had a nice season, particularly given his age, though I think the early hype that he generated may have raised expectations such that his year isn’t viewed that way.

And Marcus Smith had a weird, weird line. 385 plate appearances, 229 of which ended in either a K or a walk. Little power, a terrible batting average, but a quality OBP because of all the walks, plus he was 47 for 55 on the basepaths. Wacky.