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Minor league update for 9/18/22

The regular season finale in AA, and not the finale in AAA

Theodore Roosevelt Photo by Stock Montage/Stock Montage/Getty Images

With a playoff spot being clinched, and the playoffs starting on Tuesday, Frisco rolled with a bullpen game in their regular season finale on Sunday. Avery Weems allowed a run in two innings, striking out two.

Evan Carter finished the regular season with a bang, going two for five with a double, a homer and a walk. Thomas Saggese also had a double, a homer and a walk. Justin Foscue had a hit. Jonathan Ornelas had a single and a double.

Frisco box score

Kyle Cody allowed a pair of runs in an inning of work for Round Rock. Yerry Rodriguez got dinged for a blown save despite retiring both the batters he faced. Jake Latz walked two in 0.2 shutout innings. Nick Snyder allowed three runs in 1.2 IP, one of them being the Zombie Runner.

Round Rock box score