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SBN Reacts: The home run record

SBN Reacts asked this week about Aaron Judge’s chase for the home run record

This week’s SBN Reacts checks in on folks’ thoughts on the home run record, and Aaron Judge’s historic season in which he is making a run at the number that at least some fans think is the record.

Surprisingly, Judge’s chase appears to be flying somewhat under the radar, with less than half of fans saying they are following it:

Aaron Judge is currently sitting at 59 home runs for the year, which already has him tied for 9th all time in home runs for a single season, matching Babe Ruth’s 1921 season and Giancarlo Stanton’s 2017 season. The Yankees have 16 games left to play, and their final series of the year is in Arlington against the Rangers, so we may have a chance to watch history that weekend.

Judge seems to be a longshot to match Barry Bonds’ record of 73 home runs, though the majority of fans still see Roger Maris’s 61 homer season as the “real” record:

Only Bonds and Mark McGwire have ever hit at least 70 home runs in a season, but a not insignificant segment of MLB fans think that Judge will join them one day:

Judge’s best bet would probably be for MLB to expand in the next couple of years, as the dilution of the pitching pool in expansion years tends to result in individual offensive numbers going up.