Way too early 2023 Texas Rangers opening day roster projection


If you are so predisposed, the litany of woes can become overwhelming. The Rangers are finishing off the 50th anniversary of their arrival in all too accurate a portrayal of the club’s history: With a horror show of a pitching staff, a losing record and assorted firings. The weekend at Tropicana Field assured the Rangers of the inevitable: a sixth consecutive losing season. It’s the longest streak of losing records since the club arrived in Arlington. Though they won’t lose 100, the third 90-loss season in the last five years is not at all out of the question. So, it’s easy to look at the record and see continued struggles. But if you squint a little, with Josh Jung now in the everyday lineup, it gets easier and easier to make out the shape of a competitive roster. With Jung at third, it’s possible the Rangers have almost all of their 2023 everyday lineup playing now. You could make the argument that at least 20 of the 24 players and pitchers who appeared over the weekend would be part of a competitive 2023 team. The question, of course, remains starting pitching. It’s a big question. Now, it’s the big question. That said, owner Ray Davis, in one of his rare public appearances, said after the firing of President of Baseball Operations Jon Daniels that he intends to be aggressive in the pursuit of pitching this winter. All it takes is money. So, with mercifully only 10% (16 games) of this season remaining, it got us thinking: What would a 2023 opening day lineup look like? Here’s our look with free agent additions (just don’t ask us the cost of these contracts), starting – where else? – with pitching: