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Thursday Morning Links


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Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Morning, all!

Jonah Heim caught Martin Perez last night, as is Perez’s preference, though he’s been showing signs of fatigue after logging a career high in starts behind the plate.

Levi Weaver continues his Ranger positional review with Marcus Semien at second base, noting that he was able to live up to his contract despite a slow start to the season.

Evan Grant has a round up of what colleagues have to say about Tom Grieve, which amounts to “he’s great, he’s Tom Grieve.”

Grant also says that Josh Jung is a studious player and worked to apply adjustments to get out of his recent slump.

Tony Beasley describes Jung as having a high baseball IQ and penciled him in at fourth in the lineup last night with Corey Seager out.

Martin Perez had a much better season than his team did, but wants to return in 2023 despite all of that.