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Texas Rangers lineup for September 3, 2022

I’d say it can’t get worse than yesterday, but it can always get worse

Texas Rangers v Boston Red Sox Photo by Paul Rutherford/Getty Images

Texas Rangers lineup for September 3, 2022: starting pitchers are Dennis Santana for the Rangers and Brayan Bello for the Red Sox.

I thought after Thursday’s gut punch ninth inning loss, well, at least Friday will be better. But it didn’t get better. It got worse.

Or at least, I think it got worse. A shellacking seems worse than blowing a late lead. It occurs to me, though, that everyone may not agree. Some folks may think getting blown out and never being in the game is not, in fact, worse than leading for most of the game and then blowing a big lead in the bottom of the ninth, allowing the other team celebrate a walkoff. Hell, I might even feel that a blowout isn’t as bad, depending on my mood.

Also, I meant to have this post up earlier, but I got distracted because I started playing a clip of Norm MacDonald’s appearance on Letterman when he announced he had been fired from Weekend Update, and forgot that I hadn’t actually finished this post. In fact, not only had I note finished it, I had barely started it. I think I was also thrown by the fact that Dennis Santana is listed as the starter on the lineup, because he’s not a starting pitcher, and also I had forgotten he had been activated from the injured list.

The lineup:

Semien — 2B

Seager — SS

Lowe — 1B

Garcia — RF

Mathias — DH

Calhoun — LF

Duran — 3B

Viloria — C

Thompson — CF

3:10 p.m. Central start time