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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Houston Astros Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Kennedi Landry writes that, despite another good outing from Martin Perez, the Texas Rangers lost their ninth consecutive game.

Richard Justice writes that Hunter Brown shutting down the Rangers in his debut only served to further parade Texas’ pitching development deficiencies.

Levi Weaver’s Weaver Wire tackles Bubba Thompson meeting the goal of reaching base while the starting pitching has not met the goal of basically even existing.

Jeff Wilson notes that the Rangers aren’t going to have an easy time ending the losing skid this week.

Weaver writes about the Rangers mired in another pointless September trying to find the answers.

Justice notes that Sam Huff is back with the Rangers with the opportunity to work closely with Bobby Wilson.

And, Zach Buchanan includes Justin Foscue among recent standouts in the minor leagues with the former first-rounder likely ready for a new challenge.

Have a nice day!