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Wednesday Morning Links


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Texas Rangers v Houston Astros Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Morning, all!

The Rangers were bucking all kinds of recent trends to snap a nine game losing streak last night against the Astros.

While Chris Young has said that the Rangers intend to pursue two starting pitchers in the offseason, Evan Grant observes that it’s also apparent that they need to resign Martin Perez.

Jack Leiter pitched better than his stat line would indicate on Tuesday, and likely his one more start remaining in 2022 unless the RoughRiders make the Texas League playoffs.

Dusty Baker gifted Tony Beasley two bottles of wine, and in true “drink your milkshake” fashion Beasley told him that the Rangers would beat the Astros and Beasley would drink the wine in celebration.

And that’s all I’ve got this morning.