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Rangers sign four arb-eligibles

Four of the Rangers five arbitration-eligible players have agreed to deals

MLB: Texas Rangers at Tampa Bay Rays Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers have agreed to one year contacts with Nathaniel Lowe, Brett Martin, Jonathan Hernandez and Taylor Hearn, it was announced today. Each player was arbitration eligible. The lone remaining arbitration-eligible player who is unsigned is Mitch Garver.

Per the beats, Lowe is getting $4,050,000 for 2023, Hearn is getting $1,462,500, Martin is receiving $1,275,000, and Hernandez is getting $975,000.

Contract figures are to be exchanged today if agreements can’t be reached. Arbitration hearings would be scheduled to occur in the coming weeks. Garver and the Rangers still have the ability to reach a deal before a hearing, of course.

As we discuss every year around this time, Texas hasn’t gone to an arbitration hearing since Lee Stevens in 2000. With 80% of the Rangers arb-eligible players now signed, all eyes will be on Mitch Garver, as we wait and see if the club can reach an agreement with him.