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Wednesday Morning Links


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MLB: ALCS-Texas Rangers at Houston Astros Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Morning, all!

Bruce Bochy says Max Scherzer’s simulated game last week went well, but he only threw 68 pitches.

Scherzer is raring to go, though, and if he pitches a complete game shutout today it’ll be shocking but probably not all that surprising,

if you want the best seats for tonight’s game you should pretend you need to buy several million dollars worth of ceramic tile.

The Rangers are waving the World Series nostalgia flags by having Ian Kinsler throw tonight’s First pitch to Derek Holland.

Hot-and-cold Leody Taveras has gotten hot at just the right time and is punching in heavyweights Evan Carter and Corey Seager’s weight class.

Leody’s cousin Willy Taveras advised him not to try to be a hero, but I guess he just didn’t listen.

Evan Grant says that Max Scherzer doesn’t need to be Cy Young winning Max Scherzer, he just needs to pitch a decent game.