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The 2023 Texas Rangers are American League Champions!

The Houston Astros are vanquished and the Rangers are heading to the World Series

MLB: ALCS-Texas Rangers at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers scored eleven runs while the Houston Astros scored four runs.

These dumb, wonderful idiots. This flawed juggernaut. After Houston had their champagne toast that was meant to humble the Rangers, Texas swept the 99-win Tampa Bay Rays, they swept the 101-win Baltimore Orioles, and now, they’re spraying the clubhouse in Houston with as much bubbly as they can get their hands on after taking down the reigning champions in Game 7.

Maybe they’d like to stop by to see a real celebration.

It took pulling out all the stops to get here. It took forgetting who they are after Game 5 dragged us back into the pit. The Astros threw everything in the book at them and it wasn’t even always things that were between the lines. The toothpaste is out of the tube. There’s no going back now. These teams have tasted the blood of rivalry in October. These Rangers and those Astros will hate each other for eons.

But only one of them enjoyed righteous victory tonight — at last, every act of retribution belonged to Texas — and it is the Texas Rangers on top.

The prize for conquering the American League in October? A third crack at the World Series. It’s almost impossible to believe.

These dumb, wonderful idiots. This flawed juggernaut. What a ride!

Player of the Game: The Astros fans just kept booing him. They kept needling him. They kept acting like their brand of bullying would work to make him crumble. Instead, after last night’s grand slam that send them scurrying to the exits, El Bombi was back to finish the job tonight in Game 7.

Adolis Garcia went 4-for-5 with two home runs, three runs scored, and five RBIs as he broke Nelson Cruz’s 2011 record for the most runs driven in in a single LCS with 15 RBIs in this seven game set, an average of over two per contest.

They booed and they booed. They thought that they could make him emotional, make him falter, but the 2023 ALCS MVP Adolis Garcia only grew his October legend while waving them to the exits for the last time.

Up Next: The Rangers will play either the Philadelphia Phillies or the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2023 World Series beginning on Friday night from The Shed. What a world.