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The 2023 American League Champions

A review of the ALCS

Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven Photo by Bailey Orr/Texas Rangers/Getty Images

It’s hard to truly put into words what Monday’s win felt like.

It wasn’t just that it gave the Rangers the title of American League Champions.

It wasn’t just that they won Game SEVEN of the ALCS.

It wasn’t even just that they beat the Astros.

It’s all of that leading into the Rangers being in the 2023 World Series.

Truly who would have thought? Not last season, not the off-season (except maybe Chris Young), not even April. Hell, not even last Friday did I think the Rangers would be in the World Series.

For the first time in 12 years.

A lot of fans have been waiting for this moment to come back around for 12 years. A lot of fans are experiencing this moment for the first time.

There’s a spark in the air that feels like a combination of hope, excitement, anticipation, and joy.

The last two years we had introductory press conferences from free agent signings and in every single one, they talk about the Rangers going from losing 100 games to being in contention.

Jon Daniels after the signing Marcus Semien and Corey Seager:

Bruce Bochy after coming out of retirement to manage the Rangers:

Jacob deGrom after signing with the Rangers:

Did you believe them? Because I know when I heard these statements, I definitely rolled my eyes in a “Well of course that’s what they all say. That’s every player and manager’s goal but a playoff run isn’t gonna happen until maybe 2024.” kind of way.

And here we are.

Not only did they make a play off run, they made it to the World Series.

They went 7-0 in their first rounds. Took the reigning (no more) AL and World Series champions to a Game 7 and won on their field. Won on their field FOUR times.

Game six and seven feel even sweeter because game five felt like such a momentum shifting game. A very “that’s the way baseball go” type shift that it felt like game six was gonna be a sputtering boring game.

And instead they gave us fans, joy?! Hope?! Happiness?! We are so used to losing in the most epic way possible (by that I mean in the clinching game) and then to lose the series in the most unenthusiastic loss (by that I mean any game seven, not to give you war flashbacks) that to go into game six fighting and not giving up felt meaningful enough.

But to go into game seven and absolutely DOMINATE?

The new era of Texas Rangers baseball is here and it’s amazing and it’s going to the World Series. All I can say is take in as much of it as you can, enjoy every second of it, and hold on to this feeling of joy because damn if we don’t deserve it.