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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

After carrying the Rangers in 2023, keep Corey Seager in your thoughts during Back Care Awareness Week

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MLB: SEP 26 Rangers at Angels Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning.

Evan Grant writes about what it will take for the Texas Rangers to buy into bouncing back in time for their Wild Card series beginning today.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers endured their cross-country flight punishment and are looking to put Game 162 behind them.

Matt Fisher scopes out the potential Rangers roster ahead of the best-of-three series against the Rays.

Grant too makes a Wild Card series roster prediction and it won’t take long to find out which 26 players will make the cut since the series begins in a few hours at this point.

In a classic tale, Kennedi Landry writes that if the Rangers want to win the 2023 World Series, they’ll have to hit their way there.

Kyle Kishimoto has the series preview from FanGraphs where they have the Rangers and Rays as perhaps the best AL’s two best teams on paper.

The Athletic covers the Rangers for the first time this season in time to preview their series against the Rays.

Landry writes about how Evan Carter arrived in time to help a slumping offense before potentially becoming an x-factor in the playoffs.

Ken Rosenthal writes about how the Yankees ditched Jordan Montgomery only for him to become a Game 1 playoff starter while they missed the postseason.

The baseball writers and Tim Cowlishaw and Kevin Sherrington make their Wild Card round predictions over at the DMN.

The baseball writers over at ESPN also make their playoff predictions and so too do the baseball writers at The Athletic.

And, the Rangers against the Rays would usually be a good time for the Brothers Lowe narrative but, as Grant notes, life has taken on a somber twist to add a little perspective.

Have a nice day!