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New Evan Carter shirt from Breaking T

You know you want to be representing the Rangers’ wunderkind outfielder

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It is a glorious week for Texas Rangers fans — Texas is back in the playoffs for the first time since 2016, and they swept the Tampa Bay Rays in the Wild Card Series in convincing fashion. They now advance to the ALDS, where they will square off against the Baltimore Orioles.

The star of the Wild Card Series for the Rangers was Evan Carter — the just-turned-21-years-old outfielder who was in the minors a month ago. A consensus top-15 prospect in MLB, Carter had a strong major league debut, and has now announced his presence to MLB as a whole with authority, having reached base 7 times in 8 plate plate appearances against Tampa, with two doubles, a homer, and a stolen base.

Breaking T has a new shirt out celebrating Carter, that you can get here. You know that you want to show everyone you were an Evan Carter fan before it was cool. Go to Breaking T and get your gear.