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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

11/11, make a wish.

Arizona Diamondbacks vs Texas Rangers, 2023 World Series Set Number: X164452 TK1

Good morning, LSB.

The Rangers do not play a baseball game today, because there is no need, for they have already won the championship.

Ravenous as a franchise, though, craving more trophies, they look to take tonight’s Arizona Fall League championship under the pseudonym ‘Surprise Saguaros.’ They’re not fooling anybody though. It’s just more Texas Rangers playing championship baseball.

Elsewhere Shawn McFarland notes that 34 of the Rangers’ 2023 DHs are free agents and asks what they’ll do for another bat.

The Rangers are offering championship tours of Globe Life Field.

MLB Pipeline’s Jim Callis fields some Rangers prospect questions and talks Emiliano Teodo.

And finally, a Texas Rangers fan went into labor while standing in line for Corey Seager’s autograph. He’s that good.

That’s all for this morning. Have a nice weekend!