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World Champion Texas Rangers Morning Links

Even the Astros concede that champagne isn’t in poor taste now

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Syndication: Arizona Republic
Monty Burns hoists the trophy
Rob Schumacher/Arizona Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Morning, all!

Professional motivator Austin Hedges apparently assigned himself the task of attending the hitters’ meetings in a jockstrap and the number of wins required to become world champions written on his ass in eyeblack. That number is now one.

Corey Seager has won the World Series MVP for the second time, a feat that puts him in pretty elite company.

Elite company or not, Seager was humble and said the entire clubhouse is the Rangers leadership.

Jeff Wilson’s game story focuses on the grit and determination of this Ranger team, who got into the postseason the hard way but we’re able to seal the deal last night.

Bruce Bochy, who brought a championship to the Giants after a 52 year drought and then did the same thing for Texas, is “made for this.”

Chris Young thanked Jon Daniels (among others) in his victory speech last night.

Adolis Garcia told his teammates “we are legendary” in a hitters meeting after his injury, and those teammates showed how right he was. Also, I guess we now know that while Garcia was motivating them, Austin Hedges was standing there in a jockstrap with eyeblack on his ass.

The “Little Savior” Evan Carter had a historic postseason, putting up elite numbers just two months after turning 21.

Evan Grant’s five thoughts includes ruminations on Corey Seager’s defense and the redemption of Josh Sborz.

And Sborz is indeed a really neat story, a guy that posted an ERA over 5 during the regular season was absolute nails in October, capping it off with a 7 out save in the clincher.

Nathan Eovaldi didn’t pitch the prettiest game of his career last night, but a win is a win.

Only the Cleveland Guardians had a longer championship drought than the Rangers going into last night, but this team buried decades of futility.

We have Arizona’s inability to bring home runners to thank for last noght’s win.

The players that have signed here over the last two years joined a losing franchise because they believed in the front office’s vision, a vision that was realized last night.