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Angels hire Wash as manager

The Anaheim Angels have named Ron Washington their new manager

Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox

MLB Rumors: Buck Showalter and Ron Washington are “both heavily in [the] mix” to be the next manager of the Anaheim Angels, according to Jon Heyman on Twitter. Jon Morosi says that things have “reached the ‘finalist’ stage” and that there should be a decision by the end of the weekend.

Of course, I’m reading this and its all I can do to stifle a yawn. Yeah, I guess we should care because it is a divisional rival, and these are two former Texas Rangers managers, one of whom is remembered very fondly, one of whom is remembered...less fondly. It is also kind of funny to me that Showalter has seemingly been managing forever, preceded Ron Washington as the Rangers’ manager (having managed two teams before that), and yet Showalter, at age 67, is four years younger than Wash.

But still...who cares right now? The Texas Rangers are the World Series champions. Nothing else matters right now. I don’t care who the Angels hire as their new manager. Hell, hire Shohei Ohtani and make him a player-manager with a huge new contract and my reaction is right now is going to be a wanking motion.

I don’t care what the Angels do, or the rest of the A.L. West. I certainly don’t care what the rest of the league does. I’ve already forgotten who hired Craig Counsell as their new manager. I don’t know if there any teams with g.m. jobs still open or not.

Because I don’t care, because the Rangers are the World Champs. And that warm feeling coursing through my veins that comes from the Rangers winning the World Series will cool down eventually, and I’ll start paying attention and being interested in stuff going on around the league soon enough, including who the Angels end up hiring as their new manager.

But right now? Nope. Hell, the deadline for adding players to the 40 man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 Draft is six days away. Any other year I’d have done a post about that already. Now, though? IDGAF.

Because of this:

UPDATE — The Angels have hired Ron Washington as their new manager, per multiple reports. I’m happy for him.