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Friday morning Rangers update

Wake up. It’s the first of the month.

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MLB: General Manager’s Meetings
omw to steal your trophy
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Good morning, LSB.

The Rangers won the World Series one month ago today. Tonight, specifically. Think about how different the world was 30 days ago this morning. Wild.

Going with that, Baseball America has named the world champion Texas Rangers its Organization of the Year. To which I say: Yuh doy.

Evan Grant has hot stove quotes from Chris Young in which the Rangers GM says it’s unlikely the team will throw money around this offseason like they have the past couple.

Ken Rosenthal writes that the Rangers’ drama with Bally Sports and potential local TV rights termination leaves them without “full clarity” of their financial situation.

Jeff Wilson writes about Young’s comments and simply explains that, hey, turns out the team that won the World Series doesn’t have that many holes to fill on the roster.

Elsewhere MLB dot com has a list of each team’s most recent Rule 5 pick that stuck on the roster the entire season. I could not have guessed the Rangers’ for all the money in the world.

And The Athletic’s Eno Sarris has a list of 12 up-and-coming baseball minds with a couple Ranger mentions.

That’s all for this morning. Enjoy your Friday.