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Shin-Soo Choo to retire after 2024

Former Ranger Shin-Soo Choo has announced he will retire after the 2024 season

SSG Landers v Lotte Giants Photo by Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images

Shin-Soo Choo, former Texas Rangers outfielder and DH, has announced he will be retiring after the 2024 season.

Now, you may be asking yourself, didn’t Choo retire after 2020, his final season with the Texas Rangers? And while it is true he has not played in the major leagues since then, he has been playing in the KBO. For the past three seasons, he has been playing for SSG Landers of the Korean League, where he has put up a .259/.391/.427 slash line in 361 games since the start of the 2021 season.

Choo, who will turn 42 in July, spent parts of 16 seasons in the major leagues with the Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Indians, and Cincinnati Reds before finishing his career with seven seasons in Texas. His time in Texas was not what we were hoping for when he was signed after the 2013 season to a seven year deal, but Choo did slash .260/.363/.429 for Texas. For his career he slashed .275/.377/.447 in the majors, putting up a 34.6 bWAR.