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Scherzer has back surgery, out until mid-season

Max Scherzer underwent surgery for a herniated disc, and will be out until June or July

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Texas Rangers starting pitcher Max Scherzer underwent surgery to repair a herniated disc in his back, the team announced today. He will not be ready for the start of the season, and will be out until June or July.

Earlier today, we did a post about Ken Rosenthal’s story on the starting pitching market that indicated that the Rangers were still active in the starting pitcher market, even after signing Tyler Mahle. This would certainly help explain why that would be the case, as at this point, Cody Bradford would be the team’s fifth starter to start the season (if everyone else is healthy), with Owen White the first man up to fill in should the rotation need to add someone.

While this announcement was unexpected, I wouldn’t exactly say it is surprising. Scherzer turns 40 in July, and older pitchers tend to have injury issues. We can only hope that Scherzer, along with Mahle and deGrom, will be ready to go during the course of the season, and that the Rangers are able to add a decent starting pitcher in the meantime to fortify the Opening Day rotation.