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LSB Offseason Community Prospect Rankings — #13

Congratulations to Emiliano Teodo, who has been voted the #12 prospect in the 2023-24 LSB Offseason Community Prospect Rankings

American League Fall Stars v. National League Fall Stars Photo by Norm Hall/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Congratulations to Emiliano Teodo, who won the voting to be named the #12 prospect in the LSB Offseason Community Prospect Rankings, a little over one-third of the vote.

Our list so far:

1 — Evan Carter

2 — Wyatt Langford

3 — Sebastian Walcott

4 — Brock Porter

5 — Jack Leiter

6 — Justin Foscue

7 — Owen White

8 — Kumar Rocker

9 — Anthony Gutierrez

10 — Jose Corniell

11 — Abi Ortiz

12 — Emiliano Teodo

Moving on...

Because there has been a history of vote-spamming shenanigans in the rankings, I used Google Forms for the last couple of community rankings, and it worked out well, so we will use it again. You will need to include your LSB user name when you vote. If you don’t have an LSB user name, you need to use some sort of identifier. While this won’t eliminate the possibility of vote spamming, it will make it harder.

So who is the #13 prospect in the Rangers system right now?

Cast your vote below...