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Jays re-sign Kiermaier, per reports

The Toronto Blue Jays have reportedly agreed to a one year deal with free agent outfielder Kevin Kiermaier

Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game One Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The Toronto Blue Jays and free agent outfielder Kevin Kiermaier have agreed to terms on a one year, $10.5 million deal, per reports.

Kiermaier, 33, had spent his entire career with the Tampa Bay Rays until he signed a one year deal with the Toronto Blue Jays last offseason. Long considered by both scouts and stats to be an elite defender, he won a Gold Glove for the Jays last year while putting up a .265/.322/.419 slash line.

bWAR and fWAR had very differing views on Kiermaier last year — bWAR had him at 3.9, while his fWAR was 2.2 — but either way, one would have expected him to do a little better than 1/$10.5M. The predictions generally had Kiemaier at 2 years with a low-teens AAV. Instead, he gets just a one year deal with a modest raise off of last year’s $9 million he received from the Jays.