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Keith Law top 20 Rangers prospects list out

Keith Law has his rankings of the top Rangers prospects out today

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Keith Law has released his top 20 prospects for the Texas Rangers today.

We knew the top four, since they were in his top 100 list previously released, but the next two players on the list are a bit surprising — Dustin Harris, who is #5 despite what Law describes as a “so-so” season in 2022 that Law attributes to the wrist injury he battled through all year and that shut him down in August, and Aaron Zavala at #6.

Justin Foscue and Cole Winn are a little lower than one would have expected, though Foscue had a decent but not great 2022, and Winn, of course, saw his command desert him. One of the big things to watch this spring is how Winn’s command looks — if the command issues were a byproduct of his ankle getting whacked, one would think he should be back on track in 2023.

Law also id’s Anthony Gutierrez as someone who could move up the boards quickly in 2023. Gutierrez is a popular breakout pick, and given that he will likely be starting the year at Down East, we will get to see pretty quickly whether he appears ready to make a big leap forward.