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Valentine’s Day Texas Rangers Update


Texas Rangers Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Good morning. Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s also the last day until Halloween candy is on the shelves that there won’t be Texas Rangers-related baseball activity.

Jeff Wilson writes that the death knell of the NFL season on Sunday means we turn our lonely sports eyes to baseball.

Evan Grant projects an Opening Day roster for the Rangers on the eve of pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training.

David Schoenfield offers a grade for each team for their offseason moves but isn’t willing to take a gamble on Texas.

Grant provides a blurb on each player who will be at big league camp for the Rangers this spring.

Will Leitch tries to determine which new manager has the toughest gig with Bruce Bochy among them.

And, MLB announced that the Manfred Man zombie runner is permanent which means baseball became an unserious sport circa 2020.

Have a nice day!