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Wednesday Morning Links


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Texas Rangers Introduce Jacob deGrom Photo by Bailey Orr/Texas Rangers/Getty Images

Morning, all!

Baseball is back! Today is the first spring workout for pitchers and catchers.

Jamey Newberg finished his prospect countdown today with numbers 1 through 18.

Bruce Bochy told reporters Tuesday that this Rangers team is a much improved Ranger team, and that he doesn’t need to convince the players because they already believe it.

Greg Maddux, who won 18 gold gloves at pitcher, is in Surprise to help the Ranger pitchers learn how to field their position better as a special spring training instructor.

Evan Grant puts on his prognosticating hat to project the Rangers’ 2023 roster and notes that, for the first time in years, the Rangers have more answers than questions.

And that’s all I’ve got this morning.