Spring Training Visit Tips

Hello! I am planning a trip to Surprise area March 11 - 14. I am looking for advice on respectful ways to be able to see work and extra work done by the major leaguers and prospects during drills or prior to organized activities. I am guessing that with WBC going on this year, the normal spring training games may have more minor leaguers involved and, so, attending at least the game on March 11 or 13 might give me more of an opportunity to see prospects in action than in other years. But, I also will have a teenage ballplayer with me who I believe would benefit from seeing the prep work and extra training that happens. Also, suggestions on food. I am searching through old Newberg minor report emails to see past suggestions, but things are different in 2023 than say 2012 or 2019, so I'm unsure how much of that description of daily activities and advice still holds.