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Jacob deGrom played catch today

In the deGrom Watch, the righthander played catch today

Texas Rangers Introduce Jacob deGrom Photo by Ben Ludeman/Texas Rangers/Getty Images

Jacob deGrom, the Texas Rangers ace signed to a big contract this past offseason, played catch today. This is primarily noteworthy because deGrom has struggled with injury issues the previous two seasons, and there were predictions from some Mets fans, and some in the New York media, that deGrom would shatter into a million little pieces in the near future.

deGrom did not throw earlier this week due to some tightness in his left side. While general manager Chris Young said it was the team’s decision to hold him back, due in no small part to the fact that it was 44 degrees in Arizona, it led to the typical sort of internet and talk radio hysteria that one would expect.

In any case, deGrom has now played catch, and will continue to ramp up his throwing program. He had thrown about a half-dozen bullpens prior to reporting to camp, so he isn’t starting from scratch.

Hopefully, deGrom can have an uneventful rest of the spring, and we can focus on other things, like why the red uniforms are no more.