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Wednesday Morning Links


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Texas Rangers Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Morning, all!

Marcus Semien has been a traditionally slow starter, but in 2022 he got off to an even worse start than usual. Levi Weaver attributes that to the lockout and Semien’s role as a player representative, and talks to Semien about this year will be different.

The Rangers spent a lot of money this offseason on pitching, but none of it went to the bullpen. Evan Grant looks at how the bullpen is going to shake out in 2023.

Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo suggest that Josh Jung is one of the top Rookie of the Year candidates in the American League.

Ranger hitting coach Tim Hyer has a long history with Clint Frazier, and that was one of the driving forces that resulted in Frazier signing a minor league deal with the Rangers.