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SBN Reacts Results

The Rangers spent big this offseason, but was it enough?

Last week in SBN Reacts, we asked whether the Texas Rangers did enough in free agency this offseason.

Well, the results are in, and the reaction seems to be...not quite:

The Rangers did spend big this offseason, most notably adding Jacob deGrom to a five year, $185 million deal early on. The Rangers also added free agent starting pitchers Andrew Heaney and Nathan Eovaldi, and also saw free agent Martin Perez accept the qualifying offer. Given that the starting rotation was the team’s biggest weakness last year, and they made big moves to improve that, one might ask, what’s the problem?

However, one of the team’s priorities this offseason was doing something about the left field position. The Rangers were linked to several players, but were reportedly targeting Michael Conforto, who ended up signing a two year deal with the San Francisco Giants. Ultimately, the Rangers did basically nothing in regards to the left field position until signing Robbie Grossman to a one year deal a few days ago.

So, yeah, the team did a lot in free agency...but without having done anything meaningful in regards to upgrading left field, I can see why a lot of folks would say it still wasn’t enough.