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Machado, Padres agree on $350M extension, per reports

Manny Machado and the San Diego Padres have reportedly agreed on an 11 year, $350 million contract extension

Seattle Mariners v San Diego Padres Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

MLB Rumors: Manny Machado and the San Diego Padres have agreed to terms on an 11 year, $350 million contract extension, per reports. The deal reportedly includes no opt outs and a full no trade clause.

Machado, who turns 31 in July, had the right to opt out of the final five years and $160 million of his deal after the 2023 season, and was seen as one of the top potential free agents in what is otherwise not a very strong free agent class. Now, Machado is locked up with the Padres into his 40s.

After a somewhat disappointing 2019 season — his first with the Padres — Machado has excelled for San Diego, finishing third in the MVP voting in 2020 and second in 2022, while putting up 15.0 bWAR over the past three seasons (including the truncated 2020 campaign). As a Padre, Machado has put up a .280/.352/.504 slash line, good for a 136 OPS+.