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Friday morning Rangers things

Texas Rangers update for Friday, March 10.

Chicago Cubs v Texas Rangers
Three more weeks of spring training.
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Good morning, LSB.

Evan Grant answers some spring training mailbag questions pertaining to Evan Carter, homegrown rotations and sharks.

Grant also continues his prospects countdown with No. 23 Emiliano Teodo and No. 22 Ryan García.

Jeff Wilson’s Friday newsletter says there weren’t any big leaguers in camp yesterday save for Al Leiter.

Fangraphs’ Jay Jaffe takes a look at the league’s most- and least-improved rotations and you know the Rangers are gonna be up there.

The DMN’s Kevin Sherrington inspires some optimism this morning and says this thing wins when it has pitching.

And MLB Pipeline lists the top farm system in each division and you can hang that banner, baby.

That’s all for this morning. The Rangers continue their spring training schedule today against the A’s at 3:05.

Happy Friday.