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Thursday Morning Links


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MLB: FEB 26 Spring Training - Rangers at Guardians Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Morning, all!

While Sam Huff, Nathan Eovaldi and Jose Leclerc have all been sidelined with aches and pains, Jeff Wilson observes that other teams have had it worse in terms of injuries.

It’s not just Eovaldi and Leclerc, though, as Jake Odorizzi is also behind schedule.

Sam Huff will be reevaluated for right shoulder tightness today.

Cole Ragans made his first spring start with 5 mph added to his fastball, which he attributes to a workout program he did with Tread Athletics in the offseason.

Evan Carter has gone from an unknown on draft day (or worse... Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd told MLB Network viewers that there are guys in every draft that should have gone to college and Carter was one of those guys) to top prospect.

Ray Davis prioritizes “character” when evaluating players, which I’ve always taken to mean he doesn’t like colorful antics.

Evan Grant will be counting down his top 30 Ranger prospects in March and begins with number 30, Cody Bradford.

Andrew Heaney threw Mookie Betts a 2-0 fastball down the middle because he didn’t want to start off spring training going 3-0 like some kind of wussy.