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MLB investigating Anthony Rendon for fan altercation

Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon had an altercation with a fan yesterday that is being investigated

United States v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

MLB is investigating an incident that occurred yesterday between Anaheim Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon and an Oakland A’s fan, per reports.

In a video that came out after last nights game between the Angels and the A’s in Oakland, Rendon is seen confronting a fan who Rendon accused of calling him a bitch. Rendon has a fistful of the fan’s shirt and, after the fan denies the claim, calls the fan “motherfucker” and then lets him go, but takes a swipe at him after letting go that does not connect.

Based on the video I would expect Rendon will be suspended for at least a game.

Rendon was signed by the Angels after the 2019 season to a seven year, $245 million deal, outbidding the Texas Rangers, who were widely criticized by the local media (as well as fans) for missing out on the Texas native. After a strong 2020 season, Rendon had been limited to 105 games over the last two seasons, accumulating 0.9 bWAR in that time.