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Minor league update for 4/12/23

Some games of the minor league variety

#CHINA-NEW TRAIN OPERATION DIAGRAM (CN) Xinhua/Yang Baosen via Getty Images

Josh Gessner started for Down East. He went 4.2 innings without allowing a run. 5 Ks, 2 walks and a hit. Leandro Calderon struck out seven and walked two on 3.1 IP.

Gleider Figuereo doubled. Cam Cauley singled and stole a base. Ian Moller had a hit.

Down East box score:,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=728416

Gavin Collyer started for Hickory, allowing a run in 3.1 IP, with 4 strikeouts and 2 walks. Adrian Rodriguez allowed two runs in two innings with three Ks. Michael Brewer allows a run in two innings, striking out four.

Cody Freeman was two for four with a homer. Angel Aponte had a homer.

Hickory box score:,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=726976

Jack Leiter had a mixed bag of a game, striking out seven and walking four in 4.1 IP. Antoine Kelly struck out four and walked three in 1.2 IP.

Evan Carter had two homers and two walks. Luisangel Acuna had a pair of hits. Dustin Harris had a hit and a walk. Thomas Saggese had a hit.

Frisco box score:,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=728940

Well, Cole Winn was doing quite well at first, throwing four shutout innings and retiring the first two batters of the fifth. Then he allowed a double, a single, walked a batter, and gave up another double before getting the final out of the inning. Four Ks, four hits, two walks. Josh Sborz allowed a solo home run in one inning. Joe Barlow struck out two in a shutout inning, Daniel Robert struck out three in two innings, allowing two runs.

Jonathan Ornelas had three walks. Blaine Crim had a hit and a walk.

Round Rock box score:,game_tab=box,game=721651