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Thoughts on a 10-1 Rangers loss

Royals 10, Rangers 1

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Royals 10, Rangers 1

  • Sometimes there’s a game where everything seemingly goes bad, the team plays poorly, runs are given up in large quantities and unpleasant ways, hits are seemingly impossible to come by. Ugly, unpleasant games.
  • The series finale against the Royals was one of those games. Nathan Eovaldi didn’t pitch particularly well. The defense was not good. Taylor Hearn got lit up. The Rangers only had four hits and one walk.
  • It was bad.
  • If we want to try to find something positive, well, Nathaniel Lowe homered. Josh Jung had a couple of hits. Jonathan Hernandez bounced back after his bad outing the last time out.
  • So there’s that.
  • But otherwise…best not to dwell on this one.
  • And hey, Texas is still in first place!
  • Nathan Eovaldi hit 97.4 mph with his fastball. Taylor Hearn reached 96.7 mph. Ian Kennedy reached 93.3 mph with his fastball. Jonathan Hernandez touched 98.0 mph with his sinker.
  • Marcus Semien had a 104.4 mph groundout and a 103.2 mph line out. Nathaniel Lowe’s home run was 103.9 mph.
  • On to Houston.